Vee Link Belt

The full depth of a V-section Link Belt is made up from 3 overlapping sections. The belt is joined or broken by simply rotating the T-headed pins until they line up with the slots cut in a each link. Although the pins go right through each link there is always clearance for them in the bottom of the V pulley Commonly known as "Link Belts", which is a type of V-belt (it cannot be used on flat
-belt drives), is widely used in industrial and marine applications. Although more expensive than ordinary V-belts it does have some important advantages.
Advantages :
It can be installed without having to dismantle the drives system and spend hours pulling apart well set up or bedded-in components It helps to prevent a drive system reaching a resonance frequency and is recommended where the transmission of vibration from the motor or other sources is undesirable – in precision grinding machines and high speed lathe spindles, for example.
It is of very high quality and claimed by the makers to have an improved shock-loading capacity and better abrasion, oil, chemical, damp, and heat resistance in comparison with an ordinary V belt.
It fits all standard pulleys – there is no need to replace or modify the existing setup.
Adjustments to tension can be made without having pulley apart or together.
This link belt is designed to replace old belts in your drill press, table saw, sander and more! This link belt provides the strength you need while being more vibration-resistant than other conventional belts on the market.
This belt easily adjusts for nearly any size set-up on your tool.
. Replace worn or broken belts on shop equipment without disassembly
. Stronger and more vibration-resistant than conventional belts
. Adjusts for any size setup
. Connect two belts for greater length