Thermoplastic Belt

PU Homogenous Belt/ Thermoplastic Elastomers Belt/ PU Extruded Flat Belt.

The characteristic of this technology belting solves the most crucial conveying problems in the food industry.

  • Bacteria don’t have a bed on which its breeds and hence the belt is much cleaner and hygienic.
  • No seems or ply that fray and soak up liquids.
  • Easy to install as endless making on site is matter of minutes.
  • Fast and thorough cleaning without removing from conveyor system. Also water consumption needed for this practice is minimum.
  • Extremely long durability and longevity.
  • Suitable for low temperatures and hardly make noise.
  • Tyre Industry :
  • Weighing and loading
  • Rubber Mixing
  • Batch Off
  • Extrusion
  • Cooling
  • Calendering
  • Cutting
  • Winding
  • Tyre Building Machines
  • Curing collecting and sorting
  • Trimming inspection and logistics
  • Corrugated Board Industry
    Carton Box Manufacturing
  • Roll Stands
  • Single Facer
  • Elevating
  • Bridge
  • Roll stands
  • Glue unit
  • Double Backer
  • Rotary shear/Slitter/Scorer
  • Stacker/Palletizer/Delivery
  • Folder Gluer
  • Feeding Unit
  • Printing unit
  • Slotter creaser unit
  • Rotary die cutting machine
  • Folder
  • Counter eject section
  • Delivery/strapping
  • Textile Industry
    Yarn Manufacturing
  • Blow Room
  • oAutomatic Bale Opener
    Blending Opener
    Cleaning and dedusting unit
  • Ring Spinning for Carded Yarn
  • Flyer(roving frame)
    Ring Spinning frame
    Drawing frame
  • Ring Spinning for combed yarn
  • Flyer
    Ribbon Lapping machine
    Ring spinning frame
    Drawing frame
  • OE Rotor Spinning
  • OE Rotor spinning