Single Reduction Helical Gear Motors - S Series

Simplicity Above All

Simple and yet powerful is the S series, developed for the pump industry as well as the fan and blower application. Foot and flange mounted, with shaft dimensions to the UNEL standard.

Torque Range

21 Nm ... 200 Nm

Mechanical Rating (n1= 1400 min-1)

0,12 KW ... 11,6 KW

Gear ratio

1,4 ... 13,1


Foot and flange mounted


IEC - normalized motor adaptors Solid input shaft

Applicable AC Motors Integral motors and brake motors - M series/ME series IEC - normalized motors and brake motors - BN series/BE series Single and dual speed motors

Main Brake Features

DC and AC supply Faster brake engage / disengage through electronically controlled AC / DC rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (options)

Main Motor Options

Thermistors and thermostats sensors Separate supply forced ventilation Line driver and push-pull incremental encoder