Shaft Mounted Gear Motors - F Series

Ruggedness and Effectiveness to the State-of-the-art

No better, easier and neater installation than with a shaft mounted unit of the F series. Lightweight and performing, an F unit is the dependable drive for all the material handling applications.

Torque Range

140 Nm ... 14,000 Nm

Mechanical Rating (n = 1400 min-1 )

0,17 KW ... 125 KW

Gear Ratios

6,4 ... 2099

Output Configuration

Keyed hollow shaft – two bore options per size Keyless shrink disc fitting Plug-in solid output shaft as on option

Input Configurations

IEC-normalized motor adaptors Solid input shaft

Applicable AC Motors

Integral motors and brake motors – M series/ME series IEC – normalized motors and brake motors – BN series/BE series Single and dual speed motors

Main Brake Features

DC and AC supply Faster brake engage / disengage through electronically controlled AC / DC Rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (options)

Main Motor Options

Thermistors and thermostats sensors Separate supply forced ventilation Line driver and push–pull incremental encoder