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Rubber Conveyor Belt-Fabric

Primarily used in the bulk material transport from medium to heavy-duty applications. The construction consists of the carcass and the natural/synthetic rubber cover. The carcass consists of 2 to 8 Polyester-Polyester (PP) or Polyester-Nylon (EP) fabric plies, which are strong, impervious to moisture and have a low elongation.

We can offer from ready stock a width of maximum 2500mm wide and length as per the customer requirements. Tensile strength varying from 500 to 2000 N/mm and high quality cover compounds for –400C to +4000C, fire resistant, oil, grease and abrasion resistant.

Grades Offered from stocks:

M24 – Up to 65oC The most widely used conveyor belt, which is highly flexible and tough uses Nylon fabric as a carcass material, however, this is not suitable for transportation of heat-holding materials and oily substances.
SHR – Super Heat Resistant In general, it is economical to adapt a heat-resistant belt in case the temperature of the materials being transported exceeds 600C ( 1400F) Conveyor Belting may be damaged by heat, developing cracks or abrasion through stiffening or softening of the cover rubber and separation between plies and rubber.
OR – Oil Resistant For carrying parts and components coated with machine oil,coal in cooking plants and electric power generating plants, soybean draff, fish, meat and other such oily materials. Oils and Solvents on or in materials come in a great many varieties, and the effect on the working life of the belt can also vary tremendously.
FR – Fire Resistant When belts are used in places not easily accessible, it is very important that fire risks be eliminated if possible. Two kinds of fire resistant belts are manufactured: one a specially treated rubber and other a chloroperene covered belt.