PVC Conveyor Belts

PVC Belts are made of Polyester or cotton fabrics, which are strong, flexible, frictionless and have a low noise level. Found in application for conveying light duty products, which are not exposed directly to the environment. Standards demanded and supplied are HACCP, FDA, ESD, Antistatic, Fat and oil resistance and many more. These belts are supplied in various designs, coatings, and profiles, constructed using fabrics of low friction, noise and flexible polyester nd cotton qualities.

The products of these series find their application as light conveyors in various sectors likegraphic arts bindery, electronic industry, packaging industry. The charactersics of each product are complied for specific applications using different elastomers, thermoplastic compounds polyamide or polyester fabrics, or adopting different traction cores.

Profiles of differnt heights and shapes can be welded on the product to carry slippery or bulky material on steep inclines. Our range of specialized conveyor belts has been designed to allow the transportation over round bends of almost every type of material and can operate on cone-shaped rollers or over small diameter knife edges.