Photovoltaic Inverter - RPS Compact
Flexible, Efficient, Long-lived

For power ranges up to 170 KWp, Bonfiglioli offers the RSP450 solar inverters with an internal transformers for feeding into the low voltage network. The compact units of the RPS450 range can be interconnected as often as desired on the power supply side, which makes it possible to implement large systems and permits a flexible adjustment on the solar generator.

Main Features

High efficiency Input voltage up to 900 V (up to 1000V optionally) MPPT-range 425 V - 875 V Low distortion factor Cos Phi adjustable Free assignment of functions to digital and analog inputs and outputs Adjustable operating behavior Insulation monitoring Monitoring of mains with adjustable operating range Surge protectors on mains and generator side Interference suppression filter on mains and generator side Communication interfaces RS485 and CAN (standard) Profibus DP, Ethernet (option) Control unit KP500 Ease of operation Quick commissioning Easy to maintain due to readily accessible components Operation with grounded generators


IP20 (EN 60529)

Standards and Directives

Mains connection terms: VDE 0126-1-1 ENEL DK 5940 Real Decreto 661/2007 Real Decreto 1663/2000 Electromagnetic Compatibility DIN EN 61000-6-2; VDE 0839-6-2 (2006) DIN EN 61000-6-4; VDE 0839-6-4 (2007) DIN EN 61000-3-11; VDE 0838-11 (2001-04) DIN EN 61000-3-12; VDE 0838-12 (2005-09)

Safety Function, Environment:

DIN EN 50178; VDE 0160 DIN EN 60529; VDE 0470-1 DIN EN 60721-3-3 EN 60950-1 CE Certifications for further country-specific standards projected


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