In many cases, the chosen belt substrate and cover material do not lend themselves to a cured homogeneous bond. In these cases, depending on the base belt type we can fabricate or extrude a cover to assist in product handling.

Cover materials offer enhanced performance in applications in instances where:

  • high or low friction is desired
  • non-marking of product conveyed is essential
  • heat resistance is required
  • compressibility is essential for fragile product handling
  • wear resistance is needed for abrasive material being conveyed, or
  • products moved must be offloaded easily without sticking
  • Fabricated covers can be further modified with holes, slots, ground impressions, grooves, pockets and other designs to assist in enhancing product handling and movement.

    When your equipment must meet demanding performance standards, belt engineering is critical. We specialize in the engineering and manufacturing of specialty endless belting. Our modern plant has the manufacturing capabilities to mold, wrap, ultrasonically weld, punch, grind, slit, and vulcanize to create virtually any endless belt configuration.

    We inventory and use a broad spectrum of standard and hi-tech belting materials to promptly deliver the precise specifications you require – sometimes combining two or more materials to satisfy your needs.