The automotive industries require a wide range of industrial belting. Lakhotia special range of conveyor and processing belts, as well as timing belts, modular belts and power transmission belts, offers the best solution for every application.
At Lakhotia we have developed products and services to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements in terms of quality and value.
Tire and Wheel Solutions Modular construction allows for quick, easy, on-frame repairs when necessary, without special tools .Uses a positive drive system that eliminates belt mistracking, edge damage and associated maintenance cost.
Eliminates rollers and bearings, which removes high maintenance costs associated with upkeep and replacement. Dramatically reduces operating noise levels, improving ergonomics and worker comfort
Proven, reliable choice for belts 14" (350 mm) wide and less. Can also be used on wider belts with infrequent lacing requirements. Belts are secured by tightening belt clamp knobs.
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