Bevel Helical Speed Reducers - HDO Series

The Heavy Duty Product that Matches Performance and Versatility with Compactness

The new bevel helical series from Bonfiglioli optimises superior performance with compact dimensions and flexibility. The several options that can be selected from the catalogue facilitate customization to meet specific application requirements. Gear case from nodular cast iron guarantee rigidity in all circumstances while gears, integrally ground finished on their profile, ensure quiet and vibration-free operation even in the harshest conditions.

Torque Range

24000 ... 194000 Nm


Foot, flange, shaft mounting

Gear ratio

5.6 ... 400


Solid, (single and double extension), keyed hollow, shrink disc


Solid shaft, lantern housing c/w flexible coupling double input shaft (pony drive)


Fan cooling, cooling coil, heaters Independent cooling systems, backstop Non-contacting seals Forced lubrication Temperature and oil level sensors Drywell for installations with vertical shaft