Bevel Gears - RAN Series
The Handy Drive when it Comes to Angled Transmissions

The units of the RAN series are designed to fit the purpose of transmission laid out in right angle setting. Easy to fit and almost maintenance-free, RAN units offer multiple shaft arrangements and a choice of several exact gear ratios, beside the 1:1, that come handy when designing synchronized drive system . Also available in the version for screw jack duty.

Torque Range

3 Nm ... 3,000 Nm

Mechanical Rating (n = 1400 min-1 )

0,15 KW … 91 KW

Gear Ratios

1,0 … 7,4

Shaft Arrangement

Single or double shaft projection

Input Configurations

Solid input shaft

RAN 1 / RAN 2 / RAN 2R Input Shaft

Solid-Single and Double Projection Output Shaft Keyed Hollow

Gear Ratios

I = 3

Rated Thrust Capacity

RAN 1 50.000 N RAN 2 80.000 N RAN 2R 150.000 N