AC Drives - Synthesis Series

Install and Go

The simple use, wide range of controls, Integrated EMC filter, IP65 protection level and the limited size make the SYN10 a sound response to the broadest needs for electronic speed variation, where basic performance and contained costs are matched with robust construction and great reliability.

Power Range (SYN10 S 220)

0.2 - 0.75 KW 1-Phase 200 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz (+10,-15%)
1.5 - 2.2 KW 1 and 3-Phase 200 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz (+10,-15%)

Power Range (SYN10 T 400)

0.75 - 2.2 KW 3-Phase 380 - 460V / 50 - 60Hz (+10,-15%)

Type of Control

V/f control with Torque Gain and Selectable Patterns

Overload Capacity

150% for 60s

Switching Frequency

4-16 kHz


IP20, IP65

EMC Filter

Standard Integrated A Class (EN 61800-3)

Main Standard Hardware Features

Integrated braking module (SYN10 S 220/07/09 - SYN10 T 400)
DC link connection (SYN10 S 220/07/09 - SYN10 T 400)
Inverter temperature monitoring
1 Analog Input (V or I selectable)
4 Digital Input (programmable multifunction)
1 Analog Output (voltage linear)
1 Relay output (programmable multifunction)


Integrated standard

Main Functions

I2t Motor temperature monitoring
DC injection braking
Selectable Volt on Hz characteristic
JOG frequency
Selectable Auto-restart
Selectable stop method
Automatic alarm reset
Alarm history
Momentary power loss prevention
Stall prevention
Output Short-Circuit protection
Grounding fault protection
Heat sink overheat protection
Current limit